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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 p>>jennifer: we're following a pdeveloping situation in pinellas pcounty. pa fatal accident single vehicle pcrash shuts down a portion of p118th avenue north and u.s. 19 pin pinellas county. pwe have some pictures that were pgiven to us by pinellas park .d. and you can see the single pvehicle involved in the crash. pit was travelling at a high rate
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psupport pillar and burst into pflames so there may be some pstructural damage because of pthis accident and they're stale pwaiting for the department of ptransportation to arrive on the pscene and determine whether or pnot u.s. 19 has to be closed but pcurrently u.s. 19 is open. pthe only thing that is closed pright now are the westbound planes of 118th avenue north and pfox 13 is live at the scenes. pthe pictures that we've been pshowing looks like it is a very pbad crash. p>>reporter: this is a very pserious accident here and police pare still very active just pbehind me. pnow, we're being kept back right pnow and as you mentioned, part pof this road is shut down right pnow. p118th westbound leading up to pthat intersection is closed at pthe moment. pnow, they're working, police are pworking to close down 118th pbetween 49th street and the u.s. p19 overpass. phowever, they haven't completely pshut it down just yet.
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pbut this, a very serious paccident. olice tell us that it appears a pcar was speeding down the pnorthbound side of u.s. 19 pfrontage when it struck a psupport beam and burst into pflames. pnow, we do have one confirmed pfatality here at the scene. olice are still trying to pdetermine if anyone else was in pthat vehicle. pbut as jen mentioned, fdot is pcoming out this way to check out pthe structural integrity of that poverpass. pright now, of course, when a car phits a support beam, you have to pcheck it out. pbut right now, u.s. 19 is open, pit appears. pwe do see cars going over the poverpass right now so the roads pthat are shut down, the pwestbound side of 118 avenue pstarting it -- it looks like olice have finally shut down pstarting at 49th street north to pthe overpass. phowever, the eastbound sides are popen. ponly if you're travelling along
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pable to come under the overpass pwhere police activity is still pgoing on. pyou'll have to take a little bit pof a detour around it. pbut you will be able to come pdown the eastbound side of 118 pavenue this morning. pwe'll have more updates pthroughout the morning as we pfind out more information but pfor now, reporting live in inellas, fox 13 news. p>>jennifer: thank you. pas she just mentioned, they have pshut down a portion of 118th pavenue north on the westbound pside. pthe westbound side is currently pthe only spot that's closed and pit's shut down from 49th street pover to u.s. 19. pagain, they still need to pdetermine the structural poverpass, whether or not it was pdamaged. pin the meantime, u.s. 19 is pflowing freely in both pdirections. pthe only portion of 118th avenue pnorth that is currently shut pdown are the westbound lanes. pavoid it, of course. pyou can head north and use east pand westbound ulmerton to get paround that trouble spot.
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proadways checking in roblem-free. pwe're not quite to the rush hour pdrive just yet. pi'll let you know if anything pchanges there and the bay area pbridges checking in roblem-free. psix minutes drive will get you pacross the howard frankland. p>>dave: thank you. palmost 6:04. pbig temperature difference this pmorning. pyou go to citrus county, still pfeels like wintertime. pthey're in the mid to upper 40s pbut then you get down to a plittle more in the way of cloud pcover kept us mild so mid 50s pwesley chapel, lakeland, pbrandon, new port richey, upper p50s in clearwater. p60, 61 degrees for tampa. pgoing into st. petersburg, so pit's a mild start. pwe'll have a little bit of cloud pcover today and that east to psoutheasterly wind, i still pthink -- yesterday we hit 74. ptoday we're going right back up pto 74 degrees. pthe only difference will be a plittle bit more cloud cover ptoday but all in all, pretty pquiet. pmaybe a couple of showers on pwednesday, russell and laura, pand i'll talk about that in a
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p>>russell: sooe you then. ptomorrow is super tuesday. pmore than a dozen states head to pthe polls. p>>laura: florida's primary is ptechnically march 15 but in pseveral bay area counties, pvoting booths are open today. pshayla reaves is live for us at pthe election service center on pfaulkenburg road. pvoting begins today, right? p>>reporter: yes. pwe're just a few hours away from pearly voting for both phillsborough and polk counties. pright now i'm here at the pelections service center and pthis is just one of 15 locations pwhere voters can vote early here pin hillsborough county. pnow, nine locations will be popening up in polk county in a pfew hours as well and no matter pwhere you plan to vote, whether pit's in hillsborough, polk or pany of the other locations popening up on march 5, there are pa few details that you need to pknow if you plan to participate pin early voting. pyou must already be registered pto vote.
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pto change your party paffiliation. pthe florida primary is a closed rimary. pthat means you must already be pregistered as a democrat or pregistered as a republican to articipate. pif you plan to vote early, you pshould bring two forms of pidentification, including your psignature and a photo. psome examples of accepted pidentification include your pdriver's license, your u.s. assport, military or student pi.d. and there are others as pwell that are accepted. pwithout the proper i.d., you can pstill vote with a provisional pballot. pif you received a ballot to vote pby mail but you've changed your pmind and you said, i want to go pahead and vote in person, you pcan still do that. pyou just need to bring that pmail-in ballot with you to early pvoting so that ballot can be pcancelled. pso if you need to know, early pvoting in hillsborough runs pthrough march 13, goes from p10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each pday, including weekends. olk county, the polls are open pweekends, weekdays and also on psaturday as well.
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pthen 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on pmarch 6 only. pthat's a sunday. pso we'll continue to follow all pof the information you need to pknow and keep you posted pthroughout the day. preporting here at the elections pofficers center in hillsborough pcounty, shayla reaves, fox 13 pnews. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. p>>laura: and when you get your pballot, you may notice awe fie pextra names. pthat's because a lot of pcandidates dropped out after the pballots were finalized. pmartin o'malley dropped out of pthe democratic race. pflorida's ballot with 13 prepublicans. pthere are only five in the prunning and the latest to exit pthe race was former governor jeb pbush. p>>russell: if you don't want to pstand in line, you have the poption to vote by mail. pelections offices have sent out pnearly two million vote by mail pballots. psince 2010, more than half pballots in pinellas county have pbeen mail-in.
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phave been returned in phillsborough. p>>laura: florida is the first pwinner take all state. pwhichever candidates finishes pfirst gets all 99 delegates. p>>russell: winning democrat will pget 214. pthe only prize bigger is texas. p>>laura: texas is one of more pdecided tomorrow. pand walter allen is here now pwith a look how the race is pshaping up. pgood morning, walter. p>>walter: good morning. pright now ted cruz is leading in phis home state. ptexas could be the only state pthat prevents donald trump from psweeping. prubio is pushing hard to make
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p>> it is time to open our eyes. pit is time to open our eyes. pwe cannot allow a con artist to prun the united states of pamerica! p>>walter: trump has found phimself at the center of another pseries of scandals. phe drew criticism for refusing pto denounce an endorsement from pthe ku klux klan leader. p>> we cannot be a party that pnominates someone who refuses to pcondemn white subpoena prem ist ist ist ist p-- supremacists. p>> there's no doubt that he may pwell be unstoppable. pi don't think that will happen. p>>walter: trump still managed to ick up a major endorsement, psenator jeff sessions from palabama. pfirst sitting senator to endorse ptrump. pthaez p chris christie endorsed trump pon friday.
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ptrump needs 1,237 delegates to psecure the republican residential nomination. pright now he has 82. pwhen the dust settles on super ptuesday, more than half the pdelegates in each party will phave been awarded. pbecause they're awarded roportionately, even if the ptrump sweeps super tuesday and pflorida, there's a good chance pthat he still won't have enough pto lock up the nomination. pthat means the race could go all pthe way to the convention which pis july. p>>laura: we have new video of pmobile homes in ruins after a pfire. pthis is on belham lane in podessa. ptwo mobile homes were destroyed. pthere was only some minor damage pto a third and investigators say pthat two dogs died in the fire. pbut no one else was hurt. p>>russell: it's 6:10 right now. pwe've learned the name of a man pwho died in a plant city pond psaturday night. pjose peres bravo died when the p10 foot boat he was in capsized.
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pit happened along turkey creek proad. panother man in the boat with him pwas able to swim to safety. p>>laura: polk county detectives pare asking for help solving an parmed robbery. pa masked man with a gun robbed pthe quick mart in lakeland. pthe clerk couldn't see the man's pface. pit's hard to make out a lot of pdetails in the photos, too, but pif you have any information, pcontact the sheriff's office. p>>russell: a mother has been preunited with her baby after the pbaby was abducted by a did you psee in. p18 hours later, she was found pabandoned in an apartment near porlando. pshe was taken to a hospital pwhere officials say she appears pto be fine. pdeputies arrested stephanie paugustine, the mother's cousin, palong with a 14-year-old boy. p>>laura: rural hillsborough pcounty, deputies bust a psuspected cock fighting ring. psaturday morning police were pcalled out to a piece of
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pthey found an arena, cages and pdozens of dead roosters, some pwere still alive. pinvestigators say that the proosters were pumped with psteroids and too aggressive to pbe rehabilitated and also too punsafe for food. pso they will be euthanized. p>>russell: all right. pbaby seal is about to receive pthe highest military honor after pa daring rescue. p>>laura: and coming up, who he psays the medal really belongs pto. pand you remember this video, a pcruise ship trapped in a owerful atlantic storm? pit nearly happened again with an padded complication. p>>dave: temp is starting at 60 pdegrees at 6:12 this morning. p50s. pthis is one of the outliars. pyou can see the mid 50s inland, pa couple of spots in the 40s as pyou go further north. preally is a nice day. pwe're going to get a little more pin the way of cloud cover for pthe next couple of days but pthat's not going to stop our ptemperatures from not only
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p74 p>>dave: good monday morning. pit's 6:16. pif you remember going back to pnovember and december and just phow warm it was and el nino attern kicked in, which kind of pkeeps it cooler than normal for pjanuary, february and march and pthere we are. plook at the difference. ptwo days where we were below paverage in november. ponly one in december. p16 in january, 15 in february poverall. pit hasn't been that cold. pa couple of little spells but in pgeneral, it hasn't been all that pbad. p60 degrees in tampa right now. p54 in brandon. pa lot of mid 50s as you walk out pthe door this morning. pit's actually where it should be pthis time of year. pyou go in citrus and parts of phernando county and we have a pfew spots in the mid to upper p40s. psome heavier jackets to the pnorth and then st. petersburg we
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p11 is a popular number. pthat's how many we are above pwhere we were yesterday at this ptime. pa lot of double digit warmth pcompared to sunday morning. peven though we were absolutely pbeautiful yesterday afternoon, pit did start off quite chilly. ptoday is modifying the area just pa bit. pwinds are light, primarily out pof the east or southeast and peast so southeast wind does tend pto warm us up. pwind is out of the west. psee what that does? pbrings in some higher clouds so pwhile we mix in some cloud cover pwith the sunshine today, it's pstill going to be a nice one. pwe made it to the mid 70s pyesterday. pthey make it back to the mid 70s ptoday. pwith any luck, we'll go upper p70s for tomorrow. pthere's a cold front on its way pand i want to use a term loosely pbecause as this front comes pthrough on wednesday, it's not pgoing to do much to us. pwe may get a quick sprinkle or pslight shower and you can see pthe approach of it here in the pfuture cast. pit's not going to be anything
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ptemperatures may fall a degree por two behind the front but this pis not one of those big, big, pstrong, springtime cold fronts pthat we've gotten before. pso don't have to worry about pthat. p74 for a high temp today. ptonight won't be quite as warm pin tampa. pwe'll go 57 for the overnight plow which is actually normal. pthen scattered clouds for ptuesday with a high temperature prunning around 78 degrees. pthere were tons of boaters out pthere yesterday. pif you're going to do it, get pback out there today. pseas less than two feet with pvery smooth to -- tide. pa couple of 20% rain chances pwednesday and friday. pother than that, a very quiet, pdecent, mild week. pjen? p>>jennifer: i love this week. pi love the seven-day. pnot really loving the morning pdrive, though. pwe're dealing with a fatal crash pin pinellas county and it is paffecting 118th avenue north.
6:19 am
paccident. pthe vehicle crashed into one of pthe support beams on the u.s. 19 poverpass and burst into flames. pit was a pretty nasty accident pand they're still waiting for pd.o.t. to arrive on scene and pdetermine whether or not there's pany damage to structural pintegrity of that support illar. pin the meantime, u.s. 19 is not paffected by the crash. pbut what is are the westbound planes of 118th avenue north pbetween u.s. 19 and 49th street pso a very large portion of 118th pavenue north is currently pblocked off. pdrivers can head north and hop pon ulmerton road and use that peast-west alternate. phere is one picture i have to pshow you guys this morning of pthe vehicle involved in the pcrash and here is another so you phave a lot of emergency crews on pthe scene this morning working pto clear this crash and i will plet you know as soon as the pwestbound lanes reopen. pwe're also hearing the crash in asco county. psky fox is on their way to check pout this accident. preportedly involving a semi ptruck that is off to the side of pthe roadway. pthis is southbound along i-75.
6:20 am
pstate road 52 or quarter mile pafter state road 62 effort. pf.h.p. reporting a southbound pwreck along i-275 in the area of pbird street, waters avenue and pyou can see from this live look, pwe're not seeing the accident. pnot finding the crash. pbut if you do, just tweet us at pfox 13 traffic and let us know pwhat you see. p>>laura: thank you. pnew this morning, five ku klux pklan members who were arrested pafter a violent brawl in pcalifornia have been released pfrom jail. pthe police say they acted in pself defense. pseven people are accused of pbeating the klansmen with a ost. pthey say the fight was started pby counter protestors. p>>russell: a virginia police pofficer who was killed working pher very first shift on the job,
6:21 am
pshe was a graduate of daytona. pronald hamilton, army sergeant, pkilled her after he killed his pwife. phe's in jail on murder charges, pexpected in court later today. pterrible story. p>>laura: and a royal caribbean pcruise ship that was damaged by pa major atlantic storm earlier pthis month is headed back to new pjersey. panother storm and a nr orovirus poutbreak cut the cruise ship. pearlier this month they pencountered 30 feet wave and phurricane force winds. psaturday the passengers on the platest cruise was told the ship pwas heading back because of a pstorm off cape hatteras. p6:21. pall his bags are packed and he's pready to go. pscott kelly is coming home. p>>russell: do you think he has a plot of bags? pcoming up, we're going to give pyou a look how he's passed the ptime. pand what do you do when a pig pcuddles with a dog? erhaps it's the cutest 20 pseconds of your day.
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3 it's time to see what's clic p>>laura: it's time to see what's pclicking on the web this pmorning. p>>russell: taylor katz, how are pyou doing? p>>taylor: doing well. ptoday we have controversy preturning to hot clicks. pall right. premember this picture? pthere it is. pi wish i would never see it pagain, but it doesn't go away. pit's been about a year since the pgreat debate that shook the pworld over the color of this pdress. pwas it blue and black? pwas it white and gold? pturned out it was blue and black pand despite the actual answer, eople still look at this photo pand see different things. pnow we may have a new one on our phands. pwe're trading in the dress for
6:26 am
ptumblr user posted this photo on pfriday saying, quote, i have to pmake a new blue theme but my pfriend has this jacket and she psays it's white and blue. pi see black and brown. lease tell me what you see. pwhat do you see? p>>laura: a metallic black and pbrown. p>>russell: i'm with her on this. p>>taylor: i see blue and white. pstop it. pi'm actually shocked. p>>laura: what do you say? p>>jennifer: teal and white. p>>taylor: laura, what do you do? pwhat do you guys see? pi want people to tweet me on pthis. pi want people to tweet me and plet me know what you see. pi really thought for sure, hands pdown, teal and white. plet me know what you're pthinking. pand then finally, we have a very pcute hot click to wrap things pup. pa pair of unlikely best buds.
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pcinnamon and spice, the guinea poscar. pthe boston terrier, according to ptheir human, they are besties pand apparently are sad when pthey're apart. pthey spend a lot of time ptogether. plook how much they love each pother. p>>laura: that's so cute. p>>taylor: very cute. p>>russell: thank you. pa deadly crash could have a pmajor impact on your morning pcommute. p>>laura: and we'll be up to the pminute and then a rocket launch pcancelled for the third time in pa week. pfind out wha put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go!
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. p>>jennifer: the time is 6:30 and pwe're dealing with a fatal crash
6:31 am
pit's a serious accident that pnorth. pthe westbound lanes are pcurrently blocked off between p49th street and u.s. 19 and fox p13 is on the scene to give us pmore information about this and pwe're waiting to find out pwhether or not there's any pdamage done to the structural pintegrity of that overpass. phave you heard from d.o.t. yet? p>> that's right. pd.o.t. pwe're still told they are on the pway to investigate whether or pnot there is any damage to that poverpass. pof course, the car that was ptravelling along frontage road pstruck that overpass at a very phigh rate of speed, struck one pof the pillars there, one of the psupport beams but as we can see, pwe are kept about a couple of phundred yards back from the pscene. pwe can see that traffic is pflowing over u.s. 19 over that poverpass right now. olice have it shut down so no
6:32 am
pbut traffic is still travelling pover the top of it. pright now just a couple of road pyou're travelling through the parea this morning. pas you mentioned, the westbound planes of 118th avenue have been pshut down between 49th street pand the overpass. ptraffic is flowing on the peastbound side of 118 but it is pbeing rerouted around that poverpass so you won't be able to pcome through even if you are ptravelling on the eastbound pside, you won't be able to come pthrough underneath the u.s. 19 poverpass. pyou'll have to be rerouted along pfrontage to get around that road pclosure right now but this is a pmorning. pwe're told that the car that was pinvolved was travelling at a pvery high rate of speed, ran pinto that support pillar and pthen burst into flames. pwe've had some images sent to us pby viewers this morning. olice and homicide pinvestigators still pinvestigating so we'll let you pknow as soon as we hear anything pabout this investigation.
6:33 am
pfor now reporting live, fox 13 pnews. p>>jennifer: thank you. pshe just mentioned westbound planes is what is being affected pby this accident so all of your pwestbound lanes along 118th pavenue north are completely pblocked between 49th street and pu.s. 19 so drivers in that area, pyou can just avoid it and head pnorth and use ulmerton road. pwe're not seeing delays along pulmerton as of right now and pu.s. 19 not currently affected pby this accident so all lanes pare open both north and psouthbound. pwe're also following a serious paccident in pasco county. pthis is an over turned semi ptruck along i-75 southbound, pabout a quarter mile after state proad 52 and you can see the semi ptruck is completely on its side. pfortunately for the morning pcommute, it's not affecting pdrivers this morning because pit's off to the side of the proadway. pthey just have one right lane pblocked off is what it looks plike for emergency crews so you pmay run into a slight backup. pwe're not seeing a huge delay as
6:34 am
pthis is southbound i-75, quarter pmile after state road 52 and i'm psure as the morning rush hour pwill get bigger. pit is larger than we first pexpected so drivers in the area, pmorning. pthey'll have alternates coming pup in a minute. p>>dave: 57 degrees outside. pyou can see a little bit of the pcloud cover just kind of pstreaming through this morning pbut it's mild in most areas. ponly spots we have left in the p40s, citrus, hernando county and pit should be right back up in pthe mid 70s where we were plooking yesterday with that pmixture of clouds and sun. p>>laura: thank you. pthis morning early voting sites pwill open in 16 of florida's 67 pcounties. pthat includes hillsborough and olk counties. pmost others will open on psaturday. pyou can find a list of early pvoting sites on your county pboard of supervisors website. pcounties must offer early voting pfor at least eight days. pif you want to vote, you need to pbe registered.
6:35 am
prepublicans and democrats can pvote in the primary and if you pwant to avoid delays, be sure to pbring two forms of pidentification. pyou can still vote without it, pbut your vote may not be valid pin the end. p>>russell: a 23-year-old woman pis accused of breaking into a phome and kidnapping her cousin's p2-month-old baby. pshe's being held without bail. pthe baby was found safe saturday pnight in orlando, 18 hours after pshe was taken. pnot hurt. pdeputies also arrested the pteenage cousin in connection pwith this home invasion. p>>laura: two people are precovering after a small plane pcrash in gainesville. olice say that a fire broke out pin the cockpit and the pilot was pforced to land on the nearest proad. pthe plane clipped a palm tree pand then landed near a church. pyou can see the pictures. pthe pilot and passengers were ptaken to a local hospital with pnon life threatening injuries. pf.a.a. is investigating.
6:36 am
pfinally won his oscar but pcontroversy took center stage pawards. p>>laura: michael brings us the phighlights from hollywood. p>> spotlight. p>>reporter: big winner was pspotlight, surprising many. p>> the 80th academy awards which pmeans this whole no black pnominees thing has happened at pleast 71 other times. p>>reporter: it wasn't a big psurprise that chris rock hit the pdiversity issue out of the gate, pspending the first 10 minutes of phis opening monologue on the ptopic, raising humor and pfrankness to use his point. pthe show continued with skits pand other funny moments tlul the ptelecast p>> thank you to the academy and pthank you to all of those in pthis room. pfrontrunners didn't disappoint
6:37 am
p>> i'm in love with my life by pseasons. p>> what about it? p>> for your oscar. p>> it feels amazing. p>> thank you so much. pthe academy for this incredible precognition. p>> supporting acting categories, pdanish girls won as predicted pbut bridge of spies snagged it paway from sly stallone. pand max was a big winner taking phome six oscars. pout. p>> pixar characters presented pthe blockbuster inside out for pbest animated feature. p>> performing her oscar pyou. p>> vice president joe biden pintroduced an emotional
6:38 am
p"til it happens to you". p"writing on the wall" grabbed poscar gold. p>> good night. pthis has been an amazing pexperience. p>>laura: very nice. pthen to story. pedward byers, junior was just pdoing his job. ptoday the secret navy seal will preceive the highest military phonor. pbyers was part of a raid that psaved an american hostage in p2004. phe ran through enemy gun fire pand used his own body to shield pthe hostage. pat the same time he took out a pcombat. phe spent the 40 minute flight pback to bagram trying to save a pmember of his team who was shot. phis teammate died. phe will accept the award on pbehalf of all fallen seals. pisn't that great? phe will be the sixth seal to preceive a medal of honor. phe will be the first living one
6:39 am
phe is the 11th living service pmember to receive the medal of phonor for fighting in p>>russell: wow. pit's 6:39 almost. pspace x rocket launch was paborted on the pad just seconds pbefore liftoff. pit's the third scrubbed launch pin the past week. poutbound. pcertain after it was aborted due pto rising temperatures in the poxygen tank. pyesterday two earlier attempts pwere called off bought the poxygen fuel was not cold enough. pthey don't know when they're pgoing to try it again. pwhen it does launch, space x phopes to land the boosting on a pfloating platform. pso far previous attempts have pmailed. p>>laura: scott kelly is ready to pcome home. p>>russell: after spending nearly pa year in space, he is already pshattered the american record pfor continuous space flight. ptoday he'll hand over command of pthe international space station. ptomorrow he and his russian
6:40 am
pspace. pyear long mission is critical to pany future missions to marge. phe and his twin brother mark are articipating in an experiment pto investigate the effects of plong-term space travel on the phuman body. p>> living in an environment like pthis is very, very difficult, pvery challenging and then he'll pbe successful, you know, with pthat and the sense of psatisfaction you get and i think pi'm going to miss that. pi'm still going to obviously be pinvolved in the space program pwhen i get back but that's the art i'm going to miss. p>>laura: and i don't know if you psee the pictures that he's taken pduring his time up there. pto pass the time, he's become a retty good photographer. phe tweets out breath taking pall the time. pmost recently he's gotten into ranks, dressing up in a gorilla
6:41 am
phis fellow astronauts which may panswer in part what being in pspace will do to you for nearly pstir crazy. p>>russell: all right. pdave is up next. pwhat a pretty weekend we had. pdave has your monday morning pforecast and there's a big mess ptying up the commute in pinellas pcounty. p>>laura: also ahead, call them
6:43 am
6:44 am
pa local man and his team hav p>>jennifer: we're following two pvery serious accidents this pmorning. pfirst is in pasco county. pour latest crash involves this psemi truck that's on its side. pflipped on its side. pthis is southbound i-75 about a pquarter mile south of state road p52 and currently all lanes are ptemporarily blocked off as a pmedical helicopter has just parrived on the scene. pso bay flight is on the scene pright now helping to get the erson involved in this crash pout of that semi truck and on to pthat helicopter as soon as they
6:45 am
planes southbound 75. pthey're both blocked about a pquarter mile after state road p52. pthere isn't really any great palternate around the trouble pspot. pwe're hearing that state road 52 peast and west are already pbacking up because of this pcrash. pso drivers, if you're coming pfrom the west, you may want to phop on the suncoast parkway or pu.s. 41. pthat's land or lakes boulevard pinstead. pdrivers east you can always use pu.s. 301 as an alternate. pi'll be tweeting about this paccident at fox 13 traffic and plet you know as soon as they popen up one of these lanes. pbay flight just arrived on pscene. pthey had to temporarily shut pdown all of your southbound planes along i-75. pthe other big issue we're pdealing with this morning is palong 118th avenue north in inellas county. pa fatal crash shut down the pwestbound lanes along 118th pavenue north. pit remains shut down between p49th street and u.s. 19 so until pthe roadway reopens, we're still pwaiting for d.o.t. to arrive on pthe scene and check out the pstructural damage to the poverpass because what happened
6:46 am
pinto the overpass, burst into pflames so there may be some pdamage done to this pillar and puntil that's determined, still pwaiting for dot to arrive. pwestbound lanes are blocked palong 118th avenue north between p149th street and u.s. 19. pdrivers in the area can use pulmerton to the north as an pdave? p>>dave: cloud cover. pyou can see it streaming across pdowntown there. pthat's kept us mild this pmorning. pin fact, temperatures at tampa pinternational is still at 60 pdegrees this morning. pi think we'll get enough psunshine to bring it right back pup to the mid 70s. pthe clouds go all the way in as pwell as the mid to upper level pclouds work their way across the pstate today. pthere is a difference in ptemperatures. pwe don't have as much cloud pcover. plook at the difference. p45 in crystal river. p49 in brooksville. pmid 50s seems to be the average
6:47 am
phaines city, bartow, watch uchula wauchula, pbradenton pbradenton. pi-10, look what that's done to pthe temps. ptallahassee 37. p41 degrees in gainesville and in pjacksonville as well. phere it is. pjust kind of streaming the cloud pstraight through the state but peast-southeast. pthat will tend to warm us up. pthe sunshine will take care of a plittle bit of this cloud cover. pi think it's going to be a nice pday. pno. pit won't be as pretty as pyesterday was. pi still think we managed to make pit back up to the mid 70s. ptomorrow even warmer ahead of pthe next front. pwe'll get to the upper 70s on pwednesday. pa front comes through the area pbut we're not expecting a lot of prain. pjust a quick shower and we'll palso not expect a lot of cool pair behind the next front coming pthrough on wednesday. pwe'll get maybe a degree or two
6:48 am
pso just relatively quiet for the pnext several days. pclouds and sunshine. ptoday we'll use the term leasant to describe it this pafternoon with a high around 74 pdegrees. ptonight partly cloudy, pseasonable weather, drop back to p57 and then for tuesday, pscattered clouds, warm, 78 pdegrees for a high temperature. pthat means more boating, huh? pit was awesome yesterday. pseas running less than two feet. pwater temperature is 62 degrees pout in the gulf now. phigh tide at 6:27. pthat was a few minutes ago. ptechnically low tide at 11:06. pnext seven days, we see a couple pof 20% chances of rain. pother than that, high ptemperatures may go back to the plower 70s and temperatures for plows will be in the mid 50s but pvery nice. p>>jennifer: and one of the best arts about filling in for ptalking to charley. pgood morning. p>>charley: good morning to you.
6:49 am
pi heard you and walter telling pme all sorts of things for leap pday that i didn't know before so pthank you for that. p>>jennifer: you're welcome. p>>charley: i did get an email pfrom a woman whose daughter was p-- today was her 16th birthday pbut technically that's only her p-- i think it was the fourth ptime? pit's like her fourth -- it's the pbirthday. pshe's not four years old but pit's her fourth birthday because pleap year is only every four pyears. p>>jennifer: she's on the show ptoday. p>>charley: good. pwe're in clearwater, very close pto pinellas park. pwe're right where that accident phappened and where brian dairy pis shut down. pwe're right in the area of
6:50 am
pwoodlawn community academy is pthe cool school of the week. pit's a private school and pthey're very focused on pindividual academic plan and pi'll explain what that means and ptell you why it's cool as we try pto have a "good day." p>>jennifer: thank you. pwe'll talk to you soon. p>>russell: 6:50 right now. pwe found another reason to work pon that spring break body. lane seats are getting smaller. pcoming up, the battle for more pleg room and the starbucks is pmaking a bold move, setting up a lace in the birth place of the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 3 spring break is coming up p>>laura: welcome back. pyou know, spring break is coming pup. pour beaches are about to get pvery busy. p>>russell: for some it means psome uncomfortable flights in pseats that may be just too close pfor comfort. pjoining us, here is lauren psimonetti. pgood morning. p>>reporter: hey. pgood morning. pokay. pso anybody who has a phone -- pwho has flown is packed like a psardine. pchuck schumer wants the preauthorization big to congress
6:54 am
pif you look back from the 1970s puntil now, the leg room has been pcut by four inches, the width phas been cut by two inches so pyou're definitely paying more to pget packed in when airline rofits for last year worldwide, pabout $33 billion. pso come on now. pgive us some more room. pthe other story this morning has pto do with starbucks. pgoing to italy for the very pfirst time, do you guys realize phow big of a deal that is? pthe c.e.o. of starbucks was pinspired by coffee and the pespresso he drank in italy back pin the 1980s. phe built up a giant that is now pstar bucks and now it will make pits first move into milan next pyear. phe's going to do so with phumility and respect and use an pitalian brand manager. pyou know those in italy. pit's done a certain way and it's pnot the american way. p>>russell: see you later. pthank you.
6:55 am
p>>russell: go to fox finder. p>>laura: florida assessment ptesting begins today. pfingers crossed that things go psmoothly. pstudents sometimes couldn't log pinto the testing system last pyear. psome got booted off midway pthrough the test and others lost pall their work completely. pwe'll keep you updated. pflorida lawmakers have reached a pdeal over how much more money pwill go to the state's public pschools. phouse and senate budget writers phave agreed to boost school pfunding by $458 million. pthat means a 1% hike in per pstudent spending. pgovernor scott has proposed an pincrease in property taxes to ay for the additional funding. p>>russell: tomorrow is the pdeadline to climb that top prize pof a $73,000 fantasy five pflorida lottery jackpot. pthe drawing was in september. pthe quick pick ticket was sold pat a circle k in lakeland.
6:56 am
pif the money is not claimed by pmidnight tomorrow, it goes to pflorida public schools. p>>laura: original artwork by pnames like warhol went on the pauction block this weekend. pthey were all part of a pcollection once owned by bernie pmadoff. phe conned thousands of people pout of millions of dollars. pdiamonds, rolex watches and pantiques were all included in pthe collection. p>>russell: a man claims two of pthe top prizes in the python pchallenge. pthey caught the longest snake pand also the prize for the plargest snake haul. pthey caught 33. pthe team will split a total of p$8,000 in cash prizes. pgod bless them. p>>laura: look at the size of pthat snake.
6:57 am
illar on pinellas park. pwe're bringing you live updates pon the closures and backups. p>>russell: and a local girl has pa big reason to celebrate. ptoday is her fourth birthday, pbut she's turning 16. pher mom has a very special psurprise for her. pdon't miss this. p>>laura: and see who wins on the poscar stage. pwe're talking fashion coming up pat 7:00. p>>dave: on to the beach to start pthings off. psun is up. p58 degrees. pyou see the clouds streaming in pfrom the west. pwe should have clouds and psunshine today, high ptemperatures along the coastline pare going to make their way to pthe lower 70s, even inland
6:58 am
pwith highs in the mid 7 come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake.
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3 (russell- it's been a dangerous morning on the roads. p>>russell: a dangerous morning pon the roads. phappening right now, a semi pcrash is blocking traffic on pi-75 southbound and state road p52. p>>laura: and a deadly crash pearlier in pinellas county. pwe have team coverage. pwe'll start with jennifer pepstein. pyou've been very busy this pmorning. p>>jennifer: yeah. pit's a hectic start to the pmonday morning drive punfortunately. pthe big issue as of right now is pthe semi truck accident in pasco pcounty along i-75. pnow, bay flight was on the scene pso they have reopened one of the planes. pi-75 was temporarily closed in pboth directions for a period of ptime which is causing an even pbigger backup than we had pexpected. pbay flight left and now one lane pis open, it's the left lane pgetting by. psouthbound 75 about a quarter pmile south of state road 52 and pour sky fox helicopter showing pus the delays this morning. pwe're seeing about three to four pmiles' worth of a backup in the


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